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Operation Friendship Organisation Structure

Operation Friendship International
Operation Friendship International is the gathering of representatives from all the National Boards from the participating countries.
OFI works under the rules and regulations of the International Constitution (Laws and Bylaws).

OFI meets annually to discuss items, which concern the whole organisation, at the so called "International Meeting".

Operation Friendship National Board
Each participating country has a National Board, which is the co-ordinating body in a certain country. This board usually sends representatives to the International Meeting.

Operation Friendship Regional Board
If a country has multiple chapters (local units) in different states or provinces, it is possible to form Regional Boards, which are responsible for the co-ordination of activities in a certain region. The responsibilities and tasks may differ from country to country and are settled by the National Board of that particular country.

Operation Friendship Local Board
Each chapter needs a Local Board to co-ordinate activities in a certain village, town or city. Usually the Local Board is responsible for the organisation of the exchange program in a hosting year. The good functioning of the Local Board is essential for the success of the exchange programme.